We can help the well being of your feet in several ways. If you have a pair of shoes perfectly broken in, we can keep them looking new while maintaining that comfortable feel you have become accustomed to.
Shoes that are too tight can be stretched, added with more space for toes or raised an instep, for a perfect fit. We can also stretch the calves on boots
Even shoes that are too lose can be helped with a variety of fitting aids:

  • Heel cushions
    can be placed under the sock lining to add comfort to the heel's strike zone.
  • Insoles
    come in a variety of styles and materials. Flat insoles add cushioning to the shoe and make loose fitting, tighter. Contour insoles have an arch support and heel built in. They give extra support and hold the foot firmly in place to stop it from sliding inside the shoe.
  • Halters
    are oval shaped pads that go under the ball of the foot and serve to shift it back in the shoe. They are especially useful with open toed shoes to
    eliminate toe overhanging.
  • Tongue pads
    can be applied under the tongue of the shoe to tighten it for those with low insteps. They add thickness and pleasant cushioning.
  • Heel grips
    are applied to the back of the shoe and help preventing the heel from sliding in and out.
  • Pinch pads
    are used wherever the shoe may chafe, especially over the toes, where it bends and can sometimes press down onto the toes.
  • Arch supports
    provide support under the arch. They reduce foot fatigue by distributing the body's weight evenly.
We can even add value to your new footwear.
Protective soles can be applied to extend sole life and increase slip resistance.
Shoes can be dyed if a colour change should become necessary.
Plastic heels can be replaced with slip resistant rubber for a safer grip.
Shoes can be stretched for a more comfortable fit and even weatherproofed for added protection in wet or dusty environments.